Woman’s Role in the Household

So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.  Ephesians 5:28

Since the man is the head the woman is the body.  She is to take care of the household (and children if there are any), obey her husband, take care of her husband’s needs, respect and honor him as her head, be a helper and a support to him.  She should always seek his advice and counsel, and respond willingly to his teaching and reproof.

Does this mean the woman has no right to express herself, have no opinion, not be her own person?  Of course not.   She does not have to obey her husband in sin.  But she should always ultimately yield herself to his will for their lives.

She should do everything she can to lift up her husband, through reverence, honor, respect, surrendering herself to her husband’s needs.  When a woman pleases her husband, she not only enhances his masculinity, and position as head but she wins his love and affection in return.  When there is disagreement between them she should humble herself and seek to yield to her husband willingly so that there is no conflict or quarrel within the home.

The woman is equal to the man in salvation, in that she is an heir with him.  He should never treat her as a child, or demean her in any way.  She is considered a weaker vessel, and so he should treat her tenderly.  Because she was deceived by Satan, she was placed in a subordinate role to her husband, but this does not mean he should be overly dominant or controlling.  The husband is to shower her with his love and affection, just as Jesus does the Church.

Further, the husband is obligated to teach his wife godly behavior so that she can be holy.  He is to be an example to his wife in every way of spiritual living.  A godly wife is the greatest gift a man can give to himself because it glorifies him.

Pamela Parizo © 2017