Spiritual leadership/spiritual support

Man’s role in marriage is often defined as spiritual leadership.  I don’t think we give enough attention though to the supportive role the wife should play.  The Bible speaks a lot about the submission and obedient role of the wife, but not much is said to explain the supportive role she should play in her husband’s spiritual walk with God.

The Bible does define the wife as being her husband’s helper (helpmeet), and we have defined this broadly as being supportive of whatever role the man wants his wife to play in his plans, activities, vision.

The wife is the most intimate person the man has a relationship with.  She is exposed to him on a daily basis, see his plans in action, and hopefully shares his thoughts, his designs, his direction in life.  She above any other, should have some sense of what his spiritual needs are.   So, the wife should be her husband’s strongest spiritual weapon.

A praying wife is essential to a strong spiritual man.   Working or not, the wife should make time throughout the day to pray for her husband.   A woman should not only pray for her abilities to be a good wife, but for her husband in every area of his life, his ability to make good decisions, his spiritual health, his physical health, finances and other areas if he has a ministry of any kind.

Additionally, men do need a woman that can pray for them when they have weak moments.  And they do.  A man should be able to come to his wife and have her pray over him and encourage him when things are rough.    A wife with a strong prayer life should be able to do that when needed.

If you are a wife, or wife-to-be, it’s a good idea to hone your prayer skills to support your husband spiritually, not just in your every day life.