She’s to die for

There’s a line from a gospel song that I really like and it goes, “You thought I was to die for.”  Do men realize the implications of Ephesians 5 when it tells them to love their wives?   It implies that you esteem your wife highly enough that you would die for her.   Paul said that the husband is to love his wife even as Christ does the Church and the first part of that love says that Jesus gave Himself for the Church.  What does that sacrificial love mean?

Jesus’ death on the Cross is the highest form of love there is.  He offered up Himself as a living sacrifice to satisfy the justice required by the Law.  The Law demands a sacrifice to atone for sins.  In terms of the Covenant relationship between Jesus and the Church, He died for the bride, that He could 1)bring in a New Covenant relationship based upon commitment and love and not obligation and responsibility and 2)So that He could tear down the veil of separation, making a way into the holiest through His Spirit.

The agape love that a man is to have for his wife is to be one of commitment and love.   His aim is to help his wife be so clean and holy through his leadership that she GLORIFIES HIM.  He does this through his own example of godly living and sacrifice.  She is his prize, the GREATEST GIFT HE COULD OFFER HIMSELF.   By his leadership, a Christian man pours out of himself the love that Christ showed Him.   She, also, does her part by yielding herself to this leadership which brings familial harmony and unity, and glorifies God.

Spiritual leadership is the most noble love a man could have for his wife.  It is her protection.  Men want obedience, they want submission from a woman, but are they willing to offer themselves up as living sacrifices for their wives by the example of their godly leadership?  Are they willing to pour their love out on their wife, to draw her into their own walk with God?

The masculine movement in many ways has a distorted view of this relationship, and so in the process of being anti-feminist, in the process of wanting to restore their male dominance, they also become anti-woman, which I can’t see as pleasing to God.   The Bride is a very important part of the kingdom, and very special in the sight of God.