Christian men and the Red Pill

This is a review of Lee Grady’s article in Charisma magazine regarding the Red Pill and it’s invasion of Christianity:

While there are some aspects of this article I disagree with, for the most part I agree with many of the objections that the author has to the Red Pill Culture.  My biggest objection is that it is based, not on biblical standards, but on rationalism and logic,i.e. man’s wisdom.  The author uses a real couple who suddenly faced marital problems due to the domineering attitude of the husband.   The husband Zach was playing psychological games with his wife, putting her down, withholding sex (which, by the way, is a sin), and insisting on submission without providing for the emotional needs of his wife.

Lee Grady’s concerns are legitimate.   The Red Pill is not biblically sound, it is about dominance and control rather than submission (I see a distinction),  most of it’s teachers are secular rather than Christian, and generalizes that all women are liars and sexual game players.  Rollo Tomassi, the author of the Rational Male has said that men are the true romantics, that women can never love men the way they want, that women are opportunistic.    This man blasphemed God when he recently, in a blog, rewrote scripture!  Is this someone Christians should be listening to?

First of all, let me analyze some of Zach’s behavior re scripture.  Paul commands in Ephesians 5 that men love (agape) their wives.    This is a commandment, not a suggestion.  Agape means, with commitment to love, with affection, with high esteem.  Zach ignored the commandment when he commanded that his wife submit herself first.  Second, in playing games, he did not exhibit either the Spirit of Jesus (he was dishonest) or the agape love which flows from the Spirit.  He defrauded his wife when he withheld sex from her for no apparent reason.  He dishonored his wife when he called her stupid.

Women are to submit to their husbands.  This is true.  Submission is not a partnership, I agree.  Women are to see the man as their head and obey.  However, the man must show agape love.   If Zach had taken the Bible and taught his wife submission, the results would’ve been better, I think.  However, he chose to be harsh and domineering.  Is this the manner of an effective leader?  Is this the way Jesus behaves toward the Church?   It’s one thing for a woman to submit to the natural leadership of the man, and it’s another for him to ill-treat her just because he’s been told women like to be pushed around and dominated.  A wise man and man filled with the Spirit of Jesus does not behave in this manner.

Feminism has destroyed male/female relationships by confusing and convoluting gender roles.  But the red pill IS NOT the answer.  The Holy Ghost, which is Christ in us, is the answer, which brings joy, peace and righteousness.  I dont’ see any of the fruits of the Spirit in the Red Pill, and no bible-oriented Christian would either.  Barbaric. woman-hating theology can only make things worse.  Many of these foolish men advocate polygamy, ultra patriarchy–subjugation of all women under a male relative, overlook abusive behavior and there is no joy in them for anything.

The Bible tells us to beware lest any man spoil us.  These men who creep in are wolves in sheep’s clothing.   They are not filled with the Holy Ghost, are not thinking as Jesus thinks, and are corrupting the Gospel.

Pamela Parizo © 2017



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  1. I realize there are a lot of men out there searching for answers with Feminism and our society running down men, breaking their lives apart. They do not need a system that is full of hate and degradation for women. While I agree women should submit to their husbands, they do not need the red pill. They need the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives, which is Jesus Christ within us. Here in this article is an example of a marriage broken apart because of their hateful doctrine. Real men don’t need the red pill; they need JESUS CHRIST.


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