Some comments on abuse of men

Abuse of men does exist.  I know cases of it.  However, it’s unusual that the Bible never recognizes these circumstances.  Why is that?  While it does discuss the seduction of a man, it never calls a woman a rapist.  That is because the of the physical difficulty of a woman forcing a man to have sex.  It’s much easier for a man, who is of superior strength naturally to force a woman.   A woman could force a younger man who is weaker, and in those cases they should face not only the full extent of the law, but harsh societal condemnation, particularly, if they are in a position of trust and authority, such as a teacher.

With that said, the overwhelming statistics show that women are at far greater risk than men:  This is because women are more vulnerable than men, and this is biblical.  One sees throughout the pages of the Bible that women are far more likely to suffer violence from men than the opposite.


Should we view all men as oppressors and rapists?  God forbid.  To do so is to demonize men, which should not be.   However, I have very much against any viewpoint that tries to blame rape on the victim, to blame domestic violence and abuse on the victim.   The only time one sees in the Bible where victims are blamed is if they could’ve called for help and chose not to, in which case they were complicit in their own victimization. Comparable would be the woman who deliberately places herself in a dangerous situation.  Yet this in no way diminishes the crime of rape.

One other comment I want to make about men as victims is that where a man who has been abused would not be seen as permanently damaged in relation to their purity, a woman would.  A female victim of rape or other sexual abuse faces the additional factor of societal stigma of being damaged in her purity.    The man may suffer loss of masculine pride, loss of ego, but it would be rare for them to be viewed as unmarriageable.   It’s important within a Christian community that hope and compassion be offered to those who suffer these things,  and that the Christian community offer additional hope to men who suffer violence and abuse.

We must always remember that whatever brothers and sisters have suffered, Christ heals all wounds and that we are new creatures in Him.  The Spirit always offers life and hope.

Pamela Parizo © 2017


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