Sin nature in men and women

In understanding gender roles, I think it’s vitally important to emphasize that men and women are equally capable of sinful behavior, that women are not inherently more evil than men and that both are accountable to God for their failures.

The Men’s Rights Movement likes to underscore both that men are victims and to minimize male-on-female violence.  First I’d like to say, men can be victims.  1 in 20 men has suffered from child sexual abuse and 1 in 33 has experienced an attempted or completed rape.  But this is far less than the statistics for women.  1 in 5 women has experienced child sexual abuse and 1 in 6 has suffered from sexual assault attempted or completed.  Male violence toward women is a known fact, and is also bibical—one only has to look at the Bible to see that women are often preyed upon by men, and the Mosaic Law reflects this as well with the number of laws encompassing male violence (rape, murder, etc).  Men make up the majority of criminals in almost every category, even though they only comprise roughly half of the population.  So, for the  MRA to minimize male aggression is reprehensible, and they often seek to place the blame for their behavior on the female.

Feminists have done women a great disservice by encouraging them to engage in risky behavior that places them in even greater danger.  They encourage sex without responsibility, which contributes to date rape.   Feminism is a great evil that has served to destroy families and destroy the male hierarchy in our society.  They have taken women out of the home, forced them into jobs and away from their children, cause women to hate men, and they want to destroy traditional, Biblical gender roles.

Each person needs to bear the responsibility for their own sinful behavior.  If a woman indulges in risky behavior, that does not make her responsible for the rape.   It only makes her responsible for placing herself in danger.  The man is responsible for raping her.  Each needs to accept their accountability for their behavior, and we cannot downplay that, otherwise we are excusing wickedness and that is not what God wants.   Also, I do want to state that much has been made of false accusations of rape.  Only 2% of all rapes are proven to be false.  There should be penalties for this to discourage women from making false accusations as it can severely impact an innocent person’s life, but it is not an overwhelming issue for men.

The answer for our sinful nature is Jesus Christ.  Sin began as disobedience to God and Jesus brought back life and hope through His Holy Spirit, which gives us the power to overcome sin.    By accepting accountability for our individual sins and turning from them, we are able to turn to God with a clean heart and receive His good gift.  The manosphere, MRA, Red Pill culture allows man not to face his aggressive nature and thus deprives him of repentance.   By encouraging a masculinity that divorces itself from emotion, including compassion, it binds men rather than frees them.  Feminism binds women to burdens they ought not to bear, and causes them to look upon man as oppressor rather than her protector as they ought to be.   It causes women to seek the very things that will harm her, turning from the good man to the Christian Grays.

Both sexes need to accept their own culpability and seek after a relationship with Jesus Christ which not only frees them from sin, but also clarifies the roles they are best suited to and which benefit them the most.

Pamela Parizo © 2017





  1. “Feminism is a great evil ” Yes, and many of the Christian denominations have bought into feminism without questioning it. Decent Christian men are tired of being looked at with contempt by those who accept the tenets of feminism. One reaction against the Church’s contempt for men is for men to stop attending their church’s services.

    Christianity since the time of Augustine has had a warped view of sexual love within marriage. Such a view (the sexual pessimism and hatred of pleasure from ancient pagan schools of thought) is not authentically Christian. If you desire to know why the Western world is so messed up today on sexual issues, in addition to looking at feminism, you need to consider the warped view of sex that Christianity has given us. Sex in humans is not just for procreation. Can Christians today articulate the real reason for sexual morality? (We addressed this some time back on our blog.)

    You correctly point out above that women and men are both “equally capable” of sinful behavior. The feminist view and the view of some Christians that women are inherently more innocent or less prone to sin is a fraud – an ideal that few women live up to. And, today, marriage is a battlefield due to lack of proper understanding of the correct gender roles within marriage.


    1. Larry, I agree with most of your thoughts on intimacy and do find it an important factor in the failure of marriages. I have a couple of thoughts on this. One is that I do find us too prudish on sex even within the context of a Christian marriage. There is nothing wrong with healthy sexuality and it is in fact a gift from God. With that said, I think spouses need to take into consideration whether certain sexual acts are physically harmful to the spouse. One opening in the woman is meant for intercourse, the other is not, if you get what I’m saying. I also think that inserting somethings into a woman can harm her physically. I think another problem we run into is covered in my post The importance of intimacy. Women want affection (and sex–yes we do!) while men are primarily oriented toward sex. The lack of affection can affect a woman’s desire and two things need to happen: 1)women need to recognize their husband’s sexual needs and initiate sex and men need to honor that by returning it with lots of affection both within and without lovemaking.

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    2. And yes, I do feel that women have sins they have to combat, the primary one being a desire to control. It’s an inner struggle that women have to battle within themselves, and the answer is submission. Women want to change the men they marry, not realizing this is the opposite of God’s desire. God wants men to spiritually lead women so that they are transformed by Jesus into holy women. Here again is where feminism has failed women: it says, we can be equal, you can have it all, even, you can be on top of things. This is totally destructive to God’s design for women, which is to be distinct feminine and to submit ourselves to Jesus and a husband. Feminism misses what marriage does for women. Marriage makes women glorious. Through marriage, we do have it all: a husband to provide for and protect us, children, and best of all, the appreciation and love of a godly husband. Far better than ruling the world 🙂 .

      The greatest obstacles to this are: Feminists who have made submission a bad word, and bad men who abuse this power and their wives. I, for one, would like to see submission restored to its proper understanding.

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