Intelligence and gender

I want to emphasize that being submissive does not make you stupid.  Submissive wives are not unintelligent, though some men (and women) would like to keep them in a childlike state of immaturity.  It takes an intelligent woman to realize that men are created different, and that that difference benefits her as well as him.  Allowing man to be the primary or sole breadwinner is the smart thing to do, not to take advantage of him, but to allow him to utilize his strengths to their fullest, to allow her not to have to bear the burden of leadership, and to divide family roles and responsibilities based upon inherent strengths.     Male-oriented employment makes the most money; it’s a fact.

While there is a difference of opinion as to the comparative intelligence of men and women using IQ tests, it’s important to realize these do not all use the same criteria.   Some of the smartest people in the world are women, so one cannot say as a rule that women are more stupid than men.  In fact, male intelligence is so variable that they score high both as the most intelligent AND the most unintelligent.   In terms of average intelligence, there is very little differentiation.  Yes, there are far more super-intelligent men than women, and that’s ok.  That doesn’t make the average women less intelligent than her mate.  Most husbands are not Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein.

Being a woman, and being feminine doesn’t mean you give up your brain.  It means you try to be the best and brightest support to your husband you can be.   God rates a virtuous women based on her productiveness and frugality, her wisdom and strength of character.   A smart woman will know best the needs of her husband.  There is something, after all, to be said for emotional intelligence, at which women certainly excel.

The other thing that is important in comparison of intelligence, is that intelligence does not mean godliness or righteousness.  I can think of many instances of highly intelligent men who are depraved morally.  Despite the advances of humans in technology, we still haven’t come to the understanding that it’s more important to control our spirit than it is to control our world.    Give me a man who knows self-control than one who is obsessed with his own way.  I would much rather have a husband who looks to God for the answers than relies upon himself alone.

Pamela Parizo © 2017