I’ve been radically busy with things in my personal life, as well as working on several novels at once in various stages of completion.   I have began a study on love in the Song of Solomon that I will be posting soon in several segments.  It’s an interesting study, and I want to show that SoS isn’t just about eroticism, about sexual love.  It’s about marital love, period, that includes to some people’s surprise, agape love.    Affection, endearment.

I just read on a study on the Jewish understanding of sexuality, and that helped considerably.  One thing I took away from it is that marital love is intended to involve the total person.  It’s not just a physical act, but is intended to unite men and women to the depths of their soul, which is clear from the expressions of love included in “the Song”.

Another thing I came away with, contrary to some men’s concept of marital love is that marital intimacy cannot objectify the spouse.  If it does, it strips them of their humanity which is a violation of God’s love.

As Christians, we sometimes see our faith as being divorced from Judaism, and in some respects it is, but I believe it is helpful to go back to Judaism and obtain some wisdom from it.  There is considerable wisdom there.

In any case, something to look forward to.