In defense of positive masculinity

For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.  Ephesians 5:23

As women, we need to remember that men came in to this world first.  Adam was made and then the woman.  Men have a distinct role from women, and despite feminism, we really do need their strong presence in our lives.   God intended that men should protect women and provide for them, so we ought to honor and respect them.  Today, in this feminist-motivated world, we need to lift up men.

Men have greater physical strength than women, and are action-oriented.  They were designed to take dominion over all the creatures of the earth.  God gave them a more focused mind, whereas we women tend to multitask.    They thrive on their role as provider and protector, but they also need women to appreciate them for who they are, admire them and respect them.

Men are less emotional than women.  Let’s face it, they are.  For that reason, they make good decision-makers and problem solvers.   It is also true that women ameliorate the more aggressive side of men.  The more women are present in the lives of men, the less violent they are.

Feminism is destructive to men, as is the manosphere.  Feminism attempts to emasculate manhood while the manosphere makes it toxic.  Feminism wants to deconstruct men, while the manosphere wants to make them more aggressive and destructive of women.

Feminists do not realize that by “liberating” women from marriage, they have made them more vulnerable.  They have made them the sexual prey of men, and removed them from good male protection.   They have removed the moral imperative for men to marry, so that this allows men to have sex, which is what they really want, without having to commit to families.  It is a cultural marxist construct that threatens families and therefore the basis for a strong society.    Without the family, men becomes more depraved.  Roman history bears this out.

Positive masculine then is:

  • Aggressive
  • Violent when necessary in defense of home, country, ideals
  • Spiritual leadership, strives for moral excellence
  • Decisive problem-solver
  • Physically stronger than women in order to protect
  • Emotionally stronger in order to provide stability
  • Add structure to the family unit

The responsibility of virtuous women is to fight against liberal efforts to emasculate men by holding up this image of positive masculinity.  Admire and respect good men.  Support men who strive for this role.    Avoid toxic males.

Pamela Parizo © 2017

This an excellent site that talks about genuine masculinity and I find his articles very worthwhile, talking about good habits, how men can improve themselves, and be real men.    Women can benefit from these articles as well, and while not necessarily oriented toward Christian men, they are still beneficial.