A little truth is a dangerous thing

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  John 3:19

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom; in some ways, the book of John takes this wisdom and brings it to a higher level, which is the Light.  John dwells a lot, especially in the earlier chapters on how men hate the Light.  The Light was brought into the world, and God wanted all men to come to the Light which is Jesus Christ.  But men couldn’t comprehend the Light that He offered–John says, the darkness comprehended it not.  In chapter 3, he expounds on this to say why–men love darkness because their deeds were evil.

My former pastor used to emphasize that evil deeds take place in darkness.  Go anywhere in the world, and when men do evil, they cover it with darkness so that their deeds will not be seen.  Evil places are dark or dim; bars, red light districts, etc.  Dark, lurking places where men go.

Sometimes this darkness is within their own hearts.  Sometimes this darkness comes out of our personal experiences.  Evil is committed against us, so that we look at things through the lens of our bitterness, our anger.  We rage against what is done to us, and then condemn the good with the evil.    Consider for example a woman or man who is sexually assaulted by a black person, and then condemns all black people because of what was done to them.

Feminism has created a condition for this.  Men have suffered greatly under the weight of feminism.    The legal system has ripped families apart so that women can now obtain a man’s livelihood through child support without allowing him the benefits of his family, a loving wife and children who honor and respect him.  This also impacts children greatly because they have to grow up without a father.

Sadly, this has created such a bitterness and anger from men that they turn it upon all women.   There is a saying among men’s groups that “all women are like that” without understanding God’s design.   They take a little bit of truth and it gets twisted so that good women are condemned along with the bad.

God ordained for men to provide for women their essential material needs.  Part of the wedding vow for men use to be “and thee all of my worldly goods I do endow”.  However, because of feminism and the desire to take from men all that they can get (with no help from Marilyn or Madonna’s “Material Girl”), suddenly, even godly women seeking man’s provision are turned into opportunists and narcissists in the minds of angry men and the cynical philosophers who feed them poisoned fruit.

God put an innate desire in women for stability and security for their family unit.  They are homemakers, mothers, wives, and so God gave us the trait that we want that to be stable and secure.  Families are the structure of a stable society.  There is nothing wrong with that design.    But a little truth is a dangerous thing.    In terms of “all women are like that”, all women do want stability and security, but not all women want to separate men from their families.    Not all women are looking for something better than what they have.   Some women are content and happy with what God has provided them with, and can appreciate and love the men God puts in their lives to take care of them.  Godly women want godly families with godly men to lead them.

Pamela Parizo © 2017


  1. Hi, Pamela!

    I clicked over from IB’s blog to read your thoughts. I have seen the phenomenon you describe so very many times.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    Have a great day.


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  2. Well said, Pam.

    I’m a big fan of dragging things out into the sunlight or Son-Light. Sin, evil, those toxic secrets, really destroy us and families too. I like what your pastor once said about things needing the cover of darkness.

    AWALT is really just the flip side of feminism, the same idea but with the genders reversed. It’s rooted in bitterness and wounding,and ironically is actually about rejecting ones own self. Men are actually protective, responsible, full of honor, idealistic. The red pill leads them to reject those qualities. Feminism does the same to women.

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    1. Amen, IB. I do still hold out hope for good men. My church is full of them. And like you, it saddens me that there are men who swallow that bitter pill rather than let Jesus heal them with real truth.

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    2. IB, I’ve noticed that that appears to be the MO of the Red Pill. It takes everything about women and flips it over, so that women are now the aggressive ones committing violence, women are now the villians, women are only looking for sex, etc. while the Red PIll encourages men to think of themselves as victims rather than find true healing. All it does is worsen the gender war.

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      1. Amen, Pam. It’s also a real victim mentality that renders you powerless. These cults of perpetual victimization are really disempowering, they are all about wallowing in your own weakness, a hapless victim of either AWALT or patriarchy .

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        1. Patriarchy in itself is not a bad thing; in fact, I see it as protective. There are few nations where one felt safer with a woman at the helm (not all women are Elizabeth I or Margaret Thatcher). However, there are some church groups where the power structures have been abusive to the women and children under its umbrella. Not to say that women do not abuse. Even the women under those groups can be abusive. Sadly they are the ones who give submission a bad reputation. In all my readings, I’ve also seen some very, very dangerous mindsets among the men’s groups that were downright frightening, such that they would consider treating women as prey. Feminism and the manosphere are the extremes, though, and if we fail to see that, then we become unable to help those in the middle ground.


  3. HI Pam

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    Can you please check to see where my comments are?

    Thanks Pam


    1. Hmm, I had this happen on one a blog I tried to comment on. I went into my spam box earlier and none of them were there, but I will check again. I checked the settings because it looked like they had to be moderated unless you were subscribed. I will check it again. Sorry this is happening.


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