Why Women need Men, pt 1

I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread.  Psalms 132:15

God designed that women needed husbands.  It is part of his design to keep mankind going to be fruitful and multiply.  But, there is the added responsibility that men throughout the ages have been required to provide for a woman materially as well as in other ways.

God designed woman to be the homemaker, and to care for children, to be a support to the man, and to provide for his needs.  It seems only right that in all that, God would provide for the woman.  He also specifically spelled out in specific instances that men could not withhold their provision from the woman.

It isn’t that woman cannot provide for herself, and throughout the ages, women have and will when there is no man to provide for them.  But that is not God’s ideal.  And because women are ordained by God to care for their families, they must possess a sense of safety and security for their families.   A woman will always be concerned about the stability of her children’s welfare.   Not that she isn’t concerned about her husband’s, but as leader, he has the overall responsibility to provide for the family at large as well as his own.

Sometimes this innate trait in women can be misinterpreted as meaning she only wants a man for what he can provide for her, but a woman merely needs to know he is providing for her everyday needs, not that he can provide wealth for her.   Women are not looking for wealth; they are looking for stability, safety and security.   Women are not material girls in search of diamonds; they are looking for the protection that God intended man to offer her.   One only has to look at the example of Rachel to see that.  Jacob had nothing but his labor to offer to Rachel; he certainly wasn’t wealthy in the beginning and yet she loved him.   So, also, Michal, the daughter of Saul loved the simple shepherd boy David before he provided the bride-price of two hundred Philistine foreskins.

It’s important as women that we appreciate the hard work that men put into providing for us, that we put ourselves into caring for their homes and their children and give them the love they richly deserve.  A virtuous woman will love her husband and give him the honor, respect and reverence God calls her to.

Pamela Parizo © 2017