The woman which thou gavest me

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.–Genesis 2:24

As humans, we do not like to be held accountable.  When we do wrong, and we must face our wrong, we often tend to blame others.  Well, if this person had done this, I would not have done wrong.  Good leaders are accountable for what people under them do.  Whatver one has to say about Richard Nixon, he took the blame for what those under him had done, and accepted that if they failed, it was a failure in his leadership.

God created man and gave him dominion over His creation.  He made him the leader of all things.  He put him in the Garden and gave him the duties of dressing it and keeping it.  Notice one other thing:  God gave Adam the commandment that he could eat of any fruit of the Garden except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  God gave him this commandment before woman was created.    As the lord of God’s creation, Adam had a responsibility to convey this commandment to his wife.   We do not see that God repeated this commandment to the woman.

In Genesis 3, the serpent beguiles Eve, and Eve adds to the commandment the phrase “neither shall you touch it”.  So Eve was deceived, and she added to the commandment.  When Adam and Eve are discovered by God to have sinned, Adam blames Eve for tempting him.   Adam said, “the woman which thou gave me” and elaborates that Eve gave him the fruit and that’s why he sinned.   Eve repeats this by blaming the serpent.  There is Adam’s tone a semblance of blaming God…you gave me this woman, and that’s why I messed up.

After hearing the facts, God brings judgment on all.  He cursed the serpent, but he also promised that because the serpent caused the woman to sin, he would create hatred between the woman and the serpent, and that eventually, her seed would conquer the serpent.  This is a foreshadowing of the eventual redemption of man through Jesus Christ, and it is a promise to the woman that out of her will come the one that is to rule over all kingdoms.

God told Eve that because of her sin, she would have sorrow in childbirth, that she would struggle also with a desire to rule over her husband, but that he would rule over her (see the account of Cain and Abel which uses similar language).

God then turns to Adam.  Adam’s sin was failed leadership (he listened to his wife), he disobeyed God and he did so willfully, knowing the commandment.   Because of this, the ground is cursed, Adam would eat its fruit in sorrow, he would have to labor for it, and because of him, death came upon all creation (see Romans 5:12-17; 1 Corinthians 15:21).

God created the hierarchy of the family, and the husband has a responsibility to lead the wife spiritually.  To not do so, leaves her vulnerable and unprotected.   Adam was supposed to cleave to his wife, and they should’ve been together in keeping the garden and dressing it.  While man wanted to blame woman for his sin and some continue to do so, accountability and responsibility begin at the top.  God held man accountable because he failed to lead.  Women are responsible for their own sins, but not for their husband’s.  It’s not that God hates women, or sees women as the source of all sinfulness.  Indeed, death came upon man because of his sin, not hers.  Men are accountable for their own sins.

The Bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.  It tells us that we all need salvation through Jesus Christ.   We cannot blame others for our own sins.  David said, the root of the matter is within me.  He didn’t blame Bathsheba for his sinfulness.

So, if we are to blame the original sins for societal ills, we must blame 1)the failed leadership of man and his lack of self-control, and 2)the feministic desire to control man.  We see that men and women must face their own failures.     Man must submit himself to Christ in order to acquire godly leadership and dominion over himself and creation, and woman must submit herself to man through Christ, glorifying the man and herself.  She becomes a glorious wife through submitting herself to godly rulership.  But all of this can only be achieved through the Spirit of Jesus Christ, through agape love (see Ephesians 5) which is the bond of perfectness.

Pamela Parizo © 2017




  1. Amen, Pam! I really enjoyed this. That is how I see things, too. It’s probably no accident that men are often attracted to submission and women are often attracted to men who take responsibility for us. One might even call it design. 🙂

    Feminism tends to want the protection of men without the submission and red pills seem to want the submission of women without men having to take any responsibility.

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    1. Amen, I totally agree. I have been meditating on what exactly it is about their model of submission I object to. They actually blame women for the failed leadership. They want to quell the rebellion through their own force rather than God’s, which is the force of love. They also miss the promise part. ❤ Woman's seed. God gave her a seed.

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      1. Necroking, I had a few go-rounds with Dalrock and his friends. While he never personally responded to me (I think he thinks women are beneath his efforts), his friends soundly attacked me for even suggesting that agape included affection. They have a very harsh idea of what love is. They either ascribe to Stoicism, or they are emotionally stunted.

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        1. HI Pam

          No Dalrock is too gutless to respond to you personally so he sends his pack of rabid wolves (his deluded followers) to do his dirty work for him

          Of course you are 100% correct that agape love includes affection
          Dalrock will never understand that because he is blinded by his red pill garbage rhetoric
          Sad to say, Dalrock and others are doing much harm to the cause of Christ with their nonsense teachings

          The Lord has shown me personally how powerful showing affection to your partner can be in releasing agape love towards each other
          Affection, tenderness and kindness work, they really do

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          1. Yes. They feel agape just means commitment in Ephesians 5, that if a man works for a woman and fulfills obligations that he is “loving” her. The thing is, and this is what they miss–is that REALLY the extent of Jesus’ love for His church? They see obedience to religious duties and obligations as “loving” God. That is a Phariseeical mindset. God doesn’t just want us to go through the motions if our HEART isn’t in it. God wants our hearts. While he certainly brings hypocrisy to his faith, the real harm is done to the people he is leading into a ditch along with himself.

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        2. HI Pam

          You did it again!
          I know for a fact that I had made a comment to respond to your last comment here, yet you have deliberately deleted it

          Could you please provide an explanation in why you keep deleting my comments please?

          Otherwise I will have no other choice but to unsubscibe from your blog….it is very important to me that any future dialogue and ongoing communication be done in an environment where my comments will not be arbitrarily deleted as I’m a firm believer in free speech
          In my view those who delete comments are either pushing an agenda where they don’t wish to hear the “other” side or simply cannot handle any view that differs from the one they’re espousing

          Just remember I unsuscribed from Dalrock’s blog as he is a gutless woman hating coward who deletes comments that is opposed to his own red pill garbage

          I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, and that we can resolve my ongoing issues with your blog as I quite like your articles


          1. I’m not deleting anything. I have no idea why this is happening. You mentioned using a different IP. I’m not sure if that’s an issue. I have only began using WordPress in the past 4 months, so I’m not aware of all the settings.


            1. HI Pam

              This is so bizarre!
              My original comment is back up again lol
              I believe you Ok so don’t stress, you have a good heart
              Keep producing these awesome threads…. They are a perfect antidote against the sick red pill garbage out there

              God bless


              Necroking48 😄

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              1. The worst thing about the red pill sir, is that it includes half-truths. That’s why they are so able to convince people. But it is not a truth grounded in what we know as Christians. That’s what makes men like Dalrock and his friends as dangerous. They do women (and men) a great disservice in fueling the battle of the sexes instead of breaking down walls. Christ breaks down the wall of separation.

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  2. I was meditating on power this morning. A certain philosopher thinks that power comes from not needing the other person in a relationship. But this isn’t Bible. In the Bible, power, that is dominion, comes from recognizing the higher power above us and His authority, and recognizing our responsibility to the ones beneath us. Creation needed Adam. But rather than lead responsibly, he thought only of himself and brought in death.


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