Equal Rights for Women

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

No, this is not a post for feminism.  I hope to explain the REAL freedom that women have in Jesus Christ.  Freedom from want.  Freedom from fear.  Freedom to be women!  Freedom to be what God made them to be.

I was reading a blog post where a girl got upset because a teacher told her she should not have equal rights to a man because she didn’t build this country.  In some senses, I disagree totally with the teacher.  Women built this country as much as men, but in a different way.  Women supported those men.  Women took care of their homes, their children, supported their missions in life.  God intended that every man should have a good woman to back him up.   Oh sure, I know Eve messed up, but there are generations of women who came after her who got it right.  Women who instilled everything they were into their families, who sacrificed their time, their efforts to build up their husbands and their children, often at a personal cost.

God made women distinctively different.  The Bible states that His purpose is for her to build the home front, not a career, not apart from her husband.  Now, before you see that as oppressive or bondage, let me explain that there is no greater freedom for a woman than not having to shoulder the responsibility of earning a living in a workplace that is often unfriendly, ungodly and full of temptation.  There is no greater freedom for a woman than knowing her needs are provided for, and that if anyone threatened her safety, her husband is there to protect her.  There is no greater freedom than being who God wants you to be.

Feminism has taught women that being a career woman is more fulfilling and has shamed women who stay at home with their families.  It has saddled women with a burden of work they shouldn’t have.  It has torn them out of their homes into an unfriendly, and often unsafe environment, and tried to remake her in an image she shouldn’t have.  It has taugtht her that her marriage means nothing, that she can experience her sexuality free from marriage, putting her at-risk not only for losing her chastity, but possibly her life.

While the teacher was being unjust in his pronouncement regarding women’s contributions to America, that doesn’t take away from the structure that men add to our lives.  The hierarchy of good men is the safest place, the best place for a woman to be.  It is not oppression, and in fact brings the greatest fulfillment we as women could ever have.   I deplore and speak out against abuses, but as women, we should place ourselves willingly under umbrella of authority God put in our lives.

Pamela Parizo © 2017