Prayer and Fasting

I am currently in a period of prayer and fasting for my church as we are preparing for our New Year’s service.  Praying for a powerful anointing of prayer and worship to come down on our assembly.  In Acts chapter 4, the people prayed so hard, the place where they were was shaken.

After the beginning of the year, I will finish my study of agape in the Song of Solomon.  To all you Red Pillers out there who think a woman is incapable of agape love for a man, you do not know what I’ve been through the past year.    When you are willing to sacrifice your own feelings, your own desires and actually bear the pain and burden of another, it takes you to a whole new level.   You’re willing to die off to your own happiness so that that person can experience joy in the Lord again.  Take that Dalrock!  Deepstrength, get a clue.    I will glory in my God who has shown me great and mighty things.

I am beautiful in my beloved and I am His.

Pamela Parizo © 2017