More prayer and fasting

God moves in mysterious ways, strange and wonderfully.  We have to let Him fill our lives so that He can move through us.  If we move on our own steam, move on our strength, we will often get ahead of ourselves and fail.   God is answering many of my prayers more than I had hoped for, yet it has revealed to me areas I need to work on if I want to move into a higher level.  He is definitely teaching me about the true meaning of submission, submitting everything I am to Him, which is the beginning of submission in marriage.

My church will be entering a week of prayer and fasting in preparation for communion and footwashing.   I am seeking a deeper level of consecration, a more disciplined walk with Him, for direction and purpose in my life.  So, consequently, it will be a little bit longer before I get to that study on agape love.

As to agape love, I definitely feel that a woman can feel it for a man.   She has to.  In submission, there has to be a sense that one is sacrificing one’s own being to the other, and letting the man teach her and lead her rather than her leading herself.    Those who say otherwise just don’t get it.    I also believe that the best Christian marriage is one based in our love for each other as Christians.  My husband would be my Christian brother.

As I move into 2018, I pray that God will fill me with His agape love for all my brothers and sisters, but also for the sinner who needs Him.

Have a blessed 2018!

Pamela Parizo